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Trip to Google Offices in London

Our trip to Google Offices, London. Continue reading Trip to Google Offices in London


How do I introduce my child to technology?

  Introducing your children to the online world can be very daunting but media giant Vodafone gives some advice on how to help your child safely. There are 3 life skills that you introduce to your kids so they can explore the web safely: Life Skill #1: Be a critical thinker We hear a lot about fake news but being a critical thinker involves more … Continue reading How do I introduce my child to technology?

The Presentation @ Google

At Google, we presented our pitches to 3 members of the Google for Education team. The pitches were very successful and we impressed the team. Firstly, Mr Spoors introduced us and the school, explaining how the school is digital and our history. Then it was our turn to present. We were pretty nervous! We first introduced ourselves and then went on to talk a little … Continue reading The Presentation @ Google

Winner of our E-Safety Blog Post Competition

How to stay safe on social media sites. Children all around the world love to go on social media. It is an important part of our lives. With a staggering 2.34 billion people on social media that adds up to a third of the world! However, social media can be dangerous, and could potentially ruin your reputation and future chances of a job! Did you … Continue reading Winner of our E-Safety Blog Post Competition

FGM Presentation

As you will have seen from our last post, we are visiting Google Offices, London in two weeks time. Our winners are Ayesha and Kimberley, with their pitch about how to solve FGM, or female genital mutilation. We feel that it is important to talk about this issue – no matter how sensitive it may be. If we don’t talk about it then no-one will, and therefore the victims of this issue will never be able to have any resolution. Their presentation is linked below – if you would like to learn a bit more about it and spread awareness.

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