Welcome to our blog all about technology and online safety. Use the links above if you wish to go straight to a specific page. To find out about us please read on…

Who are we? CLV DigiLeaders are a group of students at Cramlington Learning Village who work with the school to help make sure that technology is used well, appropriately and safely. We also help to make sure that using technology is fun!

What is this blog for? We aim to raise awareness about online safety issues, ways that technology is and can be used and also provide snippets of technology related news. This blog is for anyone with an interest in technology or keeping themselves or others safe online.

Some of the things we’ve done? As well as create this blog we have been involved in a whole host of projects and events:

  • Training teachers on use of technology
  • Advising the school on student opinion
  • Reporting technology issues to the school
  • The creation of the school ICT Development Plan
  • Presenting to Google about online safety issues and suggesting things they can do to help
  • Being involved in a panel of experts on use of technology in education as part of a Google Education tour
  • Speaking to teachers from other schools to tell them about the types of things we feel we do well at our school
  • Teaching students at local primary schools about how to stay safe online
  • Designing our content for Online Safety Days
  • Creating resources to raise awareness in our own school
  • Running and judging online safety competitions

We hope you enjoy the blog and find something useful.